LOOK AT MY DECK!!! Schaeffers Deck Sealant - SO FUNNY :)

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If you're like me you'll find it very hard to keep your deck dry. I left my deck unprotected and it warped out of shape in no time. I could barely recognise my own deck, imagine that? Then i discovered Schaeffers New Zealand Style Deck Sealant :) The best way to look after your deck in 3 easy steps. Step 1 : Wash your deck with soapy water Step 2 : Wait for your deck to dry. Step 3 : Once your deck is clean and dry, paint your deck with schaeffers deck sealant. I used to be too embarrassed to invite people over to see my deck, but now my decks the talk of the town... I even have pictures of my deck, check out that deck!!! Share this video with your friends as i love showing people my deck...

Giant Rat in Changing Room - Very Funny Prank, ROFL!!!

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Funny TV prank where a Giant remote controlled Rat is run into a dressing room. Makes you wonder which is scarier? The mouse in the dressing room, the hidden camera or the people running out screaming? Lol

Removal of 20cm Loa Loa Worm From Human Eye - OMG!!!

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This is the surgical removal of 20 cm long Loa Loa worm from the human eye. This worm was seen originally in West Africa. Man is an intermediate host. The vector is mangrove fly or deer fly. The flies cause a lacerated wound on the skin to lap up blood and in the process transfer the organism. The developing worm can migrate to the eye, lungs, heart and under the skin where it can present as subcutaneous nodules called 'calabar swellings'. Symptoms are usually eye pain, eyelid swelling, migrating pain or swelling, floaters, uveitis, etc. Almost all patients have raised eosinophils in blood. Migration of microfilaria leads to microfilariasis which can be identified by blood tests or indirectly by raised eosinophil counts. Treatment of microfilariasis is with DEC tablet 3 times a day for 15 days. Live worms can be cleared through surgical removal.

WATCH WHAT HAPPENS NEXT... This is the most insane mountain biking video you will ever see - CAN YOU SMELL THE FEAR??? OMG WOW!!!

Korean Baby Dances To I Got My Eye On You. Watch these two Korean Babies Dancing to i got my eye on you video. Trending Videos, Trending Now, Viral Videos and Pictures, Funny Pictures. Watch on Viral Tap.

This is so true! Go Figure? Share if you agree

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No Education, No Security, No Public Transport. Let's organize and world cup. GO FIGURE?!

Iggy Azalea Fancy Lip Sync DUB with Dad and Daughter duo in the car while travelling on the highway, awesome lip sync. Trending Now Video.


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My Cat Saved My Son. My cat defends my son during a vicious dog attack and runs the dog off before he can do additional damage. Thankfully, my son is fine! This cat is a true hero, true story.

NOLATron - Human Transformer - Street Performer

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Meet the Human Transformer NOLATron. Caught on camera in Ann Arbor, MI. How cool is this human transformer, pretty damn cool. If you've spotted a yellow car on the sidewalks of Main Street transform into a human being, then you've just witnessed 28 year old Joslyn Paige putting a creative spin on street performing. Joslyn Paige performs his new act on Ann Arbor street. It's a street performance that's going viral as we speak, notching up over 2.5 million hits on YouTube for the human transformer clip.

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The Hey Cat - Hey! Hey! Hey! - Funny Cat Talking

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The Hey Cat, Hey! Hey! Hey! Watch this funny cat talking. Trending Now Videos, funny videos, funny clips and more


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Craziest Video Ever!! If you are afraid of heights or hate crazy people doing crazy videos, don't watch this viral video of a guy climbing and hanging off machinery. Is he stupid or an internet genius? Let us know your thoughts on this viral video, thanks.

Anniversary Prank Goes Wrong!!! Very Funny Prank, Lol

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Anniversary Prank Goes Wrong. A funny prank goes wrong and backfires, a must watch viral video for all to see and share, very funny.

Social Experiment, What would you do if two girls asked you for a threesome? Would you accept or decline? Let us know

Facebook Rules, 9 Unwritten Facebook Rules That Everyone Needs To Follow. If you follow these facebook rules you should still have friends left who actually like you. If you break any of these facebook rules you are a total douchebag who deserves to be friendless and live the rest of your life alone in the virtual world of Farmville and Candy Crush. (Clearly you have no social life and are a secret GIMP!)