Giant Rat in Changing Room - Very Funny Prank, ROFL!!!

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Funny TV prank where a Giant remote controlled Rat is run into a dressing room. Makes you wonder which is scarier? The mouse in the dressing room, the hidden camera or the people running out screaming? Lol

Korean Baby Dances To I Got My Eye On You. Watch these two Korean Babies Dancing to i got my eye on you video. Trending Videos, Trending Now, Viral Videos and Pictures, Funny Pictures. Watch on Viral Tap.


My kid brother asks me how to pleasure a woman? I tell him... it's MAGIC! Now share this magic with a friend and put a smile on someones face.

Funny Viral Video. Mommy Blowing Nose Scares Baby Emerson. Put a smile on a someone elses face and share this little cutie with a friend.

Anniversary Prank Goes Wrong!!! Very Funny Prank, Lol

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Anniversary Prank Goes Wrong. A funny prank goes wrong and backfires, a must watch viral video for all to see and share, very funny.

Funny Vine - Damn she got knocked out!!!

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Damn she got knocked out!!! This funny vine is trending like mad. You'll watch it at least twice guaranteed. Make others laugh too by sharing this video clip with your friends.

Dancing Treadmill FAIL!! ROFL HAHAHA!!

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What do you get when you cross a guy who thinks he can dance with and a treadmill? An EPIC FAIL, That's what, lol.