Geeky kid dances to dubstep!

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Geeky kid Bertie Durham dances to Daft Punk remix.

MR FRESH: 'Arguing with Myself' (Official Music Video)

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Another track! Hopefully this one gets more views! Made this today :)

Bearded Nun - Lady Gaga (Judas PARODY) Key Of Awesome!

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Bearded Nun, Lady Gaga (Judas Parody) Key of Awesome LYRICS : You ask where I get my ideas from. I used to get them from my gay husband But, predictable is what he has become. So now I only listen to the nun. HA ha ha ha ha ha, Oh that's a good one you are comedian. I'm don't know what he is but I think he's the shiz. So I'm worshipping the bearded nu-un. I know a lot Tranny's, geeks, and Circus freaks. But he's easily the weirdest one. I'm not sure if it 's a dude cus. I've never seen it nude. Puts on lipstick with a gun The Father, son , and bearded nun Gaga I'm home I brought food for the gnomes. Are you here alone? What the Gaga. How the hell could you do this to me? Get thee to a bearded nunnery! What are you doing home on a school day? School is closed for Kathy Griffin Day, I challenge you to weird off. Of five rounds the loser leaves town. This is the championship. It will decide who is hip. He's Lord Gaga's first attempt. Ohh that was nice. And now the nuns at the plate. He slaps a cat in the face. And builds a gingerbread house with his mind. Here's Lord Gagas retort. He's putting on his cheese shorts. And then he brings out some mice, okay that's weird. Looks like the nuns on the ropes. He calls in the bearded pope, Who gets a razor and shaves off his beard No! I guess that means he won, But now his beard is gone. And that's where he got his power from Bearded Bearded nun. I think we're done. Dear Gay Husband, Accept my Apologaga

Magic Rude Cover (By Benji Cowart). This Dad didn't know how to tell his daughter's boyfriend what he was really thinking, so he put his words into a song. I laughed, cried, then laughed some more! What an amazing Dad he is! This song is for all those Dads out there who don't want their little girl getting married to a Chump. Share with other dads :)

COME ON ENGLAND: Young British Artist (Mr Fresh)

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Made this the other day! Hopefully it uplifts us England fans! I make a lot of music but I never really get noticed, Maybe check out some more of my work at ! But anyway COME ON ENGLAND!!!

The Seattle Symphony broke away from the Mozart and Bach to cover some unorthodox pieces. As a part of their Sonic Evolution project, the symphony invited 1990′s rap star Sir Mix-A-Lot to perform his famous dance song Baby Got Back. This is definitely not your average orchestra concert

Iggy Azalea Fancy Lip Sync DUB with Dad and Daughter duo in the car while travelling on the highway, awesome lip sync. Trending Now Video.

Bars & Melody singers Charlie Lenehan and Leondre Devries, are a youthful music duo from the UK who got the audience and the judges on their feet in this weeks Britain’s Got Talent. The two boys mixed soulful singing with rap, with an original song based on overcoming bullying. The massive cherry on top was Simon Cowell hitting the special Golden Buzzer, which instantly puts them through to the live show, Woohoo!! Go Team Bars and Melody.